Sunrise Caye: A George Schroeder Novel

So, What's the story about?

Sunrise Caye takes the reader through the Christmas holiday week on the island. With seasonal temperatures in the low 80s, nearly constant soft breezes blowing in from the Caribbean, and a natural setting that can only be viewed as Paradise the guests on the island are in for a week of diving, snorkeling, wind-surfing, and sea-kayaking.

When a guest is severly injured and has to be evacuated from the island the resorts' owner, George Schroeder, has cause to become alarmed. When another guest dies from an apparent heart-attack that George, a retired dentist, realizes was foul-play he has to determine who killed the guest and why. On such a remote location he is the only authority around.

This challenge comes at a crucial time as George and his wife are facing a very personal decision that requires George to relive the tragedy that sent him to the island in the first place some 20 years earlier.